1.What is your shipping policy?

Free shipping for orders over $59
$4.99 shipping fee for orders under $59

2.How long can i receive my package?

Most packages can be delivered within 15 working days. More details can be found in our shipping policy:Shipping & Payment

3. What if I did not receive the order?

For orders within 2 months:
Customer responsibility: Input wrong address, etc.
we will issue a 50% refund of the order, shipping fee are non-refundable.
Nowtoto responsibility: Full refund or resend for products you did not receive.

For orders over 2 months:
The order is valid for 2 months, overdue requests won’t be accepted.

If you don't receive your order within estimated delivery time please contact us via email service@nowtoto.com with providing your order number. We will help you to solve this issue。

4. Can I use more than one discount code?

Each coupon has its own expiring date and each order can only accept one coupon.

5. How to cancel the order?

You can log in your account to cancel the unpaid order directly; or you can contact our customer service to cancel the order.

6. How to track my order?

After shipping the order out, we will email you the tracking number and link. Sometime the email may go to the junk box. Please have a check. If you still not receive, you can contact our customer service.

7. Why was my order divided into two or more packages?

Orders might be divided into different packages due to a difference in processing time or there are too many items in your order which need to be divided according policy of carrier.

8. The tracking information hasn‘t been updated for a long time

As it is international shipping, the shipping will take some time to be updated when it is in transit or in the customs checking. Also it will take time to get the updated info from the shipping company. We will try our best to help updating info for you.

9. What is the process if items are missing?

 If you did not receive your items or find out there is missing items. Please contact us via email service@nowtoto.com with providing your order number. We will help you to solve this issue. 

While some parcels can arrive early, some others may experience shipping delays, or the destination is out of service for certain carrier. If it does not arrive by 8 weeks upon ordering, we can help reship your order or refund guaranteed!

If you plan to get one of our items as a holiday or occasional gift, we do not recommend buying the items during the month when the holiday is happening. There is a risk of the item not arriving there on time. We are not held responsible for items that do not arrive before specified dates.